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Palm Zire as an extra screen.

One of the cool features with the Nintendo DS is the DS (dual screen). On one screen you play the game, and on the other you get status info, see a map etc. I have mimicked this for my pc with an inexpensive Palm Zire

It’s all pretty simple and should work with other Palm devices as well.

1. Download and install the PalmOrb app on your Palm device (be sure to get the latest Alpha release for USB support – I used version 1.1a4 Build 1452) and run it on the Palm.

2. Download and run LCD Smartie (I used version 5.3). After you run LCD smartie, set the LCD size to 4×20, choose the Matrix Orbital from the LCD settings and set the COM port to USB Palm.

3. I found that you get the best result if you set the screen option in the PalmOrb app to use: the Bold+ font, don’t show keyboard, don’t show outputs, don’t show custom chars and do check the Gap between Characters option.

4. LCD Smartie comes with a lot of preset LCD info screens, and you have to adjust theese to get a good result. LCD Smartie has a plugin system that allows you to extend it. Here’s a link to the iTunes plug-in (still in beta).

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