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Making Photos Look Old

Learn how to make your photos look old… All done in a few steps in that digital darkroom all-star: Adobe Photoshop (or Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, The Gimp etc.)

1. Download this file

Drag the downloaded border onto the image you want to age
2. Start Photoshop and open the photo you want to age and the PhotoBorder.jpg. Make sure they are the same size. Drag the border onto the image.

Select Screen from the blend mode dropdown box
3. Choose Screen from the blend mode dropdown box in the Layer tab.

Set Hue and Saturation
4. Select the layer containing the image and choose adjust -> Hue/Saturation from the Image menu. Turn on Colorize and set Hue to about 30, and Saturation to about 50. Click OK

The result of the aged photo process
5. The final image should have the effect of the image above. And thats it… Hope you will find it usefull.

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